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These research studies were carried out as part of research projects (R&D) on topics:

 Completed research work:

  1. "Development and testing of technology for production and application of coagulants and flocculants for water treatment from local raw materials". 2002-2006. GR № TD 2002 R 1196.
  2. "Research of ecological problems of processing of wastes of industrial enterprises of Tajikistan for the purpose of development of highly effective technological schemes". 2002-2006. GR NO. TA 2002 R 1195.
  3. "Analysis of the state of implementation of market relations in the water sector". 2005 - 2009, No. 0105TD177.
  4. "Assessment of current status and impact of climate change on glaciation in Tajikistan". 2005 -2009. № 0105TD178.
  5. "Development of practical measures and proposals to improve the efficiency of integrated use of water and energy resources of transboundary rivers of Tajikistan in the context of current uncertainties and global climate change". 2007-2011. № 0107TD676.
  6. Study of chemical composition of sewage and natural waters of the districts of the Republic of Tajikistan and development of modern methods of treatment. 2007-2011, № 0107TDD677.
  7. "Development of methods to determine the effectiveness of hydraulic structures". Due date. 2010-2014. GR № 0102TD832.
  8. "Integrated Water Resources Use in the Transboundary Rivers of the Aral Sea Basin for Hydropower and Irrigation. Term of performance. 2013-2017. GR 0113TJ295.
  9. "Study of climate impact on the water balance of the Varzob river basin for the period of instrumental observations". 2013-2017. GR 0102TJ833.
  10. "Development of a methodology for optimal regulation of river flow by means of reservoirs and water improvement of landscapes". Due date. 2013-2017. GR 0113TJ296.
  11. "Assessment of the state of groundwater of Dushanbe city using methods of isotope hydrology". 2015-2019. GR 0115TJ00480.
  12. ."Dynamics of water balance of Kafirnigan river basin". 2015-2019. GR 0115TJ00481.


Ongoing research work:

12."Optimization of the relationship of water, food, energy and ecology under conditions of climatic changes in the Zeravshan river basin". 2018-2022. GR 0118TJ00865.

13."Problems of formation and regulation of solid runoff in water bodies of Tajikistan and ways to solve them". 2020-2024. GR 0120TJ01029.

14."Development strategy and optimization of energy resources balance. Hydro-coal scenario of energy sector development in Tajikistan. 2020-2024. R 0120TJ01028.

At present, the Institute is searching new research topics, thus trying to take into account the most urgent problems in the water sector of the republic.