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Water resources, innovation, resource and energy saving

  The collection of reports of the International Scientific-Practical Conference ―Water Resources, Innovation, Resource and Energy Saving‖ provides materials on important areas: innovative methods of using water resources, integrated use of water resources in conditions of climate change, hydroecology, hydrochemistry and water quality, sustainable development and green economy, hydraulic structures and construction, prospects for the development of hydropower and the use of renewable energy sources, energy, resource and energy saving, recreational, tourist and medicinal value of mountain waters, problems of urban and rural water and electricity supply in mountainous conditions and increasing scientific and educational potential of the water sector.

Tajikistan's Water Initiatives and Sustainable Development Goals

  Since the first days of its independence under the wise policy of the Leader of the Nation the Republic of Tajikistan has been constantly making efforts to solve global problems, including the trend of climate change, rational and efficient use of water resources.

Leader of the Nation: water, climate and ecology issues

Scientific council of the Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and Ecology of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan dated August 26, 2022, protocol No.10 recommended for publication.

Under the editorship of the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Academician Farhod Rakhimi

Multilingual dictionary of basic terms in the water industry

  The dictionary was prepared by a group of experts and translators during the implementation of the Central Asia Knowledge Network (CA KN) project as part of the Central Asia Water and Energy Program (CAWEP), a multi-stakeholder partnership between the World Bank, the European Union, Switzerland (through SECO) and United Kingdom (via FCDO).