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  Since the first days of its independence under the wise policy of the Leader of the Nation the Republic of Tajikistan has been constantly making efforts to solve global problems, including the trend of climate change, rational and efficient use of water resources.

  Global initiatives of the Leader of the Nation on water problems are conclusions made on the basis of reliable scientific data and deep observations, aimed at solving universal problems. It is on the basis of these actions that the most influential organization in the world, the United Nations, has adopted four resolutions on water issues, which is a high mark of recognition and irrefutable proof of the position of the Republic of Tajikistan in the international arena. In addition, on the initiative of the Leader of the Nation, issues of improving the quality of drinking water, efficient use of water resources and implementation of integrated water management, as well as the water ecological system and other water-related issues are included in the new global development agenda. This is one of the important achievements of the joint efforts of the international community over the past few years.

  Orif Amirzoda, Nomvar Kurbon. Tajikistan's Water Initiatives and Sustainable Development Goals. - Dushanbe: "Donish", 2022 – р. 79

Last modified on Monday, 24 October 2022