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Formation of water resources composition of the Zerafshan River Basin: influence of climate change on the conditions of formation and chemical composition of water resources of the ZRB

  The Zerafshan River Basin (ZRB) is one of the most climatically complex areas not only of Tajikistan, but also of all Central Asia (CA). Mountainous terrain, high altitude zonality of climate, significant heterogeneity of meteorological conditions are the causes of great climatic contrasts.

  Nowadays, mankind is facing the problem of global climate change, which has a significant impact on the natural rhythm of development of ecological systems and has caused an increase in the number of emergency situations and changes in climatic conditions around the world. This ultimately affects the environment and human relations with nature. The study of regional climatic changes against the background of global climate warming at present has a great scientific and practical significance and is relevant to meteorological conditions and their impact on water resources and ecological systems that are characterized by variability in time and space.

Impact of climate change on the hydrological regime of the Panj river basin

   The study of changes in air temperature and atmospheric precipitation is one of the most urgent tasks of modern science in general. Its influence on human activity and the environment can manifest itself both positively and negatively. Of particular relevance in this connection is the study of the regularities of periodic changes in regional climatic conditions - air temperature and precipitation against the background of global warming, since long-term unidirectional changes in these components of climatic conditions can lead to serious shifts in the landscape boundaries of territories.

Improving the safety of hydraulic structures. Part 2. The example of the Nurek water reservoir on the Vakhsh river

  The monograph describes the safety of hydraulic structures and reservoirs, the Nurek hydroscheme on the Vakhsh River in accordance with the normative and technical documentation. The results of the study of climate change in the zone of formation of water resources in the Aral Sea basin, glaciers and the Vakhsh River basin, the process of silting of the Nurek reservoir and its risk management are considered.