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  In accordance with the provisions of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan and the Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and Ecology of NAST, the appraisal of doctors (PhD) of 2 and 3 courses took place in this institute on January 24, 2022 under the guidance of the director of the institute.

  Scientists and scientific figures of the institute participated in the commission for the appraisal. Including Director Amirzoda O.H. (Chairman of the Commission), Kurbonov N.B. (Deputy Director), Gulakhmadov A., Kobuli Z.V., Nosirov N.K., Fazilov A.R., Pulatov Y.E., Korieva F.A, Davlatshoev S.K., Shaimuradov F.I. and Niyazov D.B. (commission members), who evaluated the progress of research work, as well as the state of doctoral students' dissertations.

  As a result of the evaluation, 24 doctoral students (PhD) provided members of the commission with their reports on the progress of research work and the state of their dissertations. All doctoral students outlined their reports based on their research findings to date.

  Each doctoral student was given additional questions and the status of their research papers and dissertations was evaluated. Recommendations were also given from the scientists at the institute for the quality completion of their research papers and the preparation of their doctoral dissertations.

  The purpose of this attestation was to get acquainted with the progress of scientific works and training of young scientists, as well as to identify existing problems in the conduct of scientific works by doctoral students (PhD).


Last modified on Saturday, 30 April 2022